Haulotte's e-Lab organized a successful “AI Odyssey Week”

Haulotte's e-Lab, the digital incubator, recently organized its first AI Odyssey Week, a dedicated week aimed at exploring and demystifying the world of artificial intelligence (AI).


This internal event, held from November 27th to December 1st, offered a series of workshops, conferences, and a thought-provoking roundtable discussion.

"AI is a topic on everyone's lips, and it has the potential to revolutionize the way we work," said the e-Lab team. The week-long initiative was designed to enhance understanding, debunk myths, and guide participants in envisioning the practical applications of these emerging technologies.

The event kicked off with two days of interactive workshops, providing a platform for participants to discuss, express concerns about AI, and discover the various forms AI already assumes in daily life. Haulotte's ongoing AI-related projects were also showcased during the AI Forum, ensuring a broad reach by scheduling events during midday hours for international collaborators: "It's not easy, but we've made a concerted effort to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate," explained Matthieu Micheletti, Clément Viaouët, and Xavier Macé of the e-Lab.





In addition to the workshops, a conference on "Hypercreation" was held on November 28th, featuring Flavien Chervet, an AI-assisted creativity specialist. Flavien's presentation explored the promises and limitations of AI technology today.

The week concluded with a panel discussion titled "Machines of Tomorrow", featuring external speakers Anthony Fradera, General Manager of askills a company specialized in data mining and prediction, & Fayçal Rezgui CEO and co-founder of Cynapps.ai which helps companies integrating artificial intelligence to create new businesses.

The discussion centered on the role of AI in our daily lives and its potential impact on future work solutions, especially in MEWP business.


Throughout the week, employees had the opportunity to gather information at their own pace. The e-Lab emphasized the need to transform work methodologies in response to evolving professions, stating: "The subject is of great importance, and Haulotte aims to embrace it as quickly as possible". The e-Lab seeks to explore the potential contributions of AI and ignite inspiration for new ways of working. "We hope this week has raised awareness among teams and sparked an interest in delving deeper into the subject," added the e-Lab team.


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