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SAVIS and Haulotte Celebrate 25 Years of Partnership

Publicado 23/10/2023

Lectura 2 min

SAVIS, a prominent player in the aerial platform distribution sector, is commemorating a remarkable 25-year partnership with Haulotte, the international leader in lifting and access equipment manufacturing.

Unwavering Partnership
Since its inception in 1998, the collaboration between SAVIS and Haulotte has thrived in the dynamic and ever-changing lifting industry. This enduring partnership has flourished despite industry transformations, emphasizing a market-aware approach.
Haulotte's substantial growth in the Italian market and SAVIS's transformation into a major distributor with a turnover exceeding 20 million euros highlight the partnership's success.

SAVIS recognized the importance of offering aerial platforms that save execution time and make work simpler, more efficient, and safer. This led to the decision to sell Haulotte machines, understanding the significant potential of these solutions in Italy. This choice was rewarded with considerable interest and increasing demand across various sectors, from construction to industry.

Shared Vision

Flavio Barosso, CEO of SAVIS, commented:
"When we decided to start this partnership with Haulotte, we first conducted an analysis of market trends to focus on product segments and user profiles that could provide the most promising prospects. In addition to the quality of the platforms, what we appreciate about Haulotte is that it is a company that shares our professional philosophy, interacting with customers with competence, reliability, and availability, offering technical and operational support."
Haulotte has experienced significant growth in Italy, thanks to partners like SAVIS.
Nicola Violini, General Manager of Haulotte Italia, stated:
"Collaborating with SAVIS has helped us grow. Although our machines were already on the market, they required a more widespread distribution across the territory. Alongside SAVIS, we expanded into regions such as Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d'Aosta, and later into Lombardy.
We are extremely grateful to SAVIS for their efforts in promoting our brand."

Market Expansion

SAVIS operates from two locations, one primary office in San Mauro (TO) and a branch in Brugherio (MI), ensuring comprehensive territorial coverage. Both offices have after-sales workshops staffed by highly specialized experts and well-stocked spare parts warehouses. This structure enables SAVIS to support its customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the purchased aerial platforms, offering comprehensive service that guarantees maximum satisfaction and trust.
"In these 25 years of collaboration, SAVIS has sold over 3,000 Haulotte platforms in the Northwest of Italy, its reference area. Growth in recent years has not been limited to sales, but also to the ability to offer cutting-edge services and meet the needs of operators.", continued Flavio Barosso.

Celebration of Success

This 25-year collaboration between SAVIS and Haulotte is an extraordinary achievement that demonstrates the relentless commitment of both companies to offering an efficient distribution network along with innovative solutions. A partnership that deserves to be celebrated with satisfaction and pride, marking the beginning of a new phase full of opportunities to seize together.
Flavio Barosso concluded:
"SAVIS, with its constant attention and commitment, chooses to make customer satisfaction its top mission and thanks Haulotte for the trust and collaboration over these extraordinary 25 years. SAVIS confirms its position as Haulotte's leading distributor in Italy and is proud to celebrate 25 years of partnership, highlighting the outstanding results achieved, which also make it one of the major European clients. A milestone to celebrate, with many more future successes to look forward to."
Nicola Violini added:
"In these 25 years of collaboration, SAVIS has made a significant contribution to the development and promotion of the Haulotte brand in Italy. Starting from here, we look forward to planning the next 25 years of collaboration together."

SAVIS and Haulotte celebrated this special anniversary at the GIS event in Piacenza on Friday, October 6th at the Haulotte booth.

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